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 If your soul is calling to pursue sound healing whether for yourself or to serve others, GabrielNelson Sears is whom you need to seek. - Patti Cosby, Serenity Sound, LLC , former student 

Sound Meditation Clips

Get back in the flow with this mini meditation. Please enjoy with earbuds.  - Recorded and produced by Christopher Bagley of Bagley Pro Media.

Certified Vibrational Sound Therapist

 My session was amazing! I left feeling uplifted and relaxed. - Roxane W.

Motivational Speaker

 The space you hold for others is powerful and so meaningful to me. I appreciate you. - Shannon S. 

Meditation Instructor

 He is a gifted, caring, supportive teacher and practitioner. -  Michelle O.

Upcoming Sound Bytes

Sound Quest 20/20 Workshop


Sat, January 11, 2020

10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Trinity Center for Spiritual Living

1095 Zonolite Road, Atlanta, GA  30306

$40 at Freshtix

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Set a vision for the New Year with creative play, journaling and vibrational sound meditation. Please wear

loose comfortable clothing and bring feel free to bring a yoga mat, blanket pillow or bolster along with bottled water.


Sound Apprenticeship Training


Sat, January 18, 2020

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sun, January 19, 2020

2:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Location varies: Call for Details

The Sound Apprenticeship Program is a year-long commitment for those with a passion and calling for vibrational sound therapy and facilitating meditation.  Apprentices who complete the Program will have the tools, knowledge and experience needed to start their own sound therapy practice. 

The Apprenticeship Team includes medical professionals, spiritual leaders and talented vibrational sound therapists with a hybrid educational learning system of in-person training and online webinars.

Advanced registration and payment required.

Please call 678-827-1973 for info.

Symphony of 77 Singing Bowls


Sat, February 1, 2020

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Vista Yoga

 2836 Lavista Rd, Decatur, GA 30033 

$35 in Advance at Squareup

$45 Cash at the Door

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 The first 3 events have been a wonderful success, all selling out in advance! We suggest getting your tickets early so you don't miss out.

Sacred sound practitioners Margo Gomes, Jonathan Adams, Michael Burke, and Gabriel Nelson Sears join together to offer an experience like no other!

Imagine yourself in a room surrounded by the beautiful tones of 77 Himalayan singing bowls that bathe you in a sublime atmosphere of healing and expansive energies. Singing bowls made from metals possess unique qualities through their multiple harmonic overtones and undertones that allow for profound openings throughout the chakra system. At this event you will experience the bowl collections of four of Atlanta's most well-known sound healers as together they create a sound journey like nothing you have heard or felt before! 

Sound Journey of Love


Wed, February 5, 2020

7:00 pm - 8:15 pm 

Trinity Center for Spiritual Living

1095 Zonolite Road, Atlanta, GA  30306

$15 Love Offering

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 Embrace the intention of self-love on the harmonious waves of Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, chimes, gongs, Native American flutes and ocean drums.

Please wear loose and comfortable clothing and feel free to bring a yoga mat, pillow or blanket.

Our soul is composed of harmony. - Leonardo da Vinci




GabrielNelson Sears is a certified vibrational sound therapist, motivational speaker, angel intuitive and meditation instructor who provides sonic sound Reiki treatments with Zen Therapeutic Singing Bowls placed directly on the body.


GabrielNelson has studied and practiced meditation for over thirty years. This experience is reflected in the mindfulness meditation classes and mentoring offered to individuals, healthcare professionals, spiritual communities and corporations. 

 He shares inspirational life lessons as a guest speaker for churches, community centers, colleges, businesses and other organizations. 


"GabrielNelson's classes are well planned with important information and concepts as well as hands-on experiences. He is a gifted, caring, supportive teacher and practitioner." 

- Michelle O’Reardon, Atlanta

In addition to his private practice and classes, GabrielNelson facilitates group sound meditations for people and pets, hosts retreats, and is a guest speaker at numerous venues throughout the United States, Costa Rica and Ecuador.

Vibrational Sound Therapy


Serenity. Freedom from emotional and physical pain. Clarity. Personal Insight - these are some of the benefits of vibrational sound healing touch therapy!

The primary goals of vibrational sound therapy or VST* are to relieve stress and improve emotional well-being. GabrielNelson uses therapeutic-grade Zen Himalayan bowls placed directly on the body. The penetrating vibratory resonance of the bowls activate the parasympathetic nervous system and reduce brain wave activity. Some describe it as a sonic massage, others as a dreamlike journey. 

VST benefits may include:

  • Pain relief
  • Supports exercise and training recovery
  • Reduces delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Reduces heart rate and blood pressure
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Increases clarity and energy
  • Increases sense of well being

*Vibrational sound therapy does not diagnose, treat or cure any diseases.

Classes and Training


Join the growing community of people discovering the benefits of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls for meditation, relaxation and personal reflection. GabrielNelson has courses designed for a variety of populations including:

  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Corporations
  • Spiritual Communities
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Wellness Centers
  • Holistic Healthcare Providers

"The Sacred Sound Ensemble experienced an effortless and phenomenal debut thanks to the professional training and guidance of GabrielNelson. " -  Rev. Tony Crapolicchio, Trinity Center for Spiritual Living

The majority of class time is hands-on practice to develop proficiency with both crystal and Tibetan singing bowls.

Please contact GabrielNelson to discuss your wellness training needs.

Sacred Sound Meditation


Quartz Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, Native American flutes, chimes, bells, drums and gongs are some of the instruments GabrielNelson uses for group sacred sound meditations or sound baths. The soothing sound waves  literally bathe you in harmonic overtones as the inaudible frequencies pass through the body. 

GabrielNelson facilitates sacred sound meditations in private homes, corporate settings and wellness/spiritual centers including Unity North Atlanta, Trinity Center for Spiritual Living, Emory University, Decatur Healing Arts, the True Center and Healium Arts Center. 

Sound Ambassadors


GabrielNelson supports communities with sound meditations in under-represented populations such as women’s shelters, halfway houses and hospices. Sound ambassadors provide complimentary sound meditations for people in crisis or those experiencing major transitions.

The Trinity Center for Spiritual Living Sacred Sound Ensemble is one of the ministries supported by GabrielNelson whose sound ambassadors volunteer their time and talent in various locations throughout Atlanta.

Please email GabrielNelson if there is a community that you know would like to receive sacred sound meditations.

Distant Reiki Sound Therapy


 Enjoy Reiki and Sacred Sound From the Comfort of Home!

Every week, I hear someone say, "I wanted to go to a sound meditation but once I got home, I could not leave again." 

Well now you can enjoy distant Karuna Reiki sacred sound treatments at home in your jammies with your cell phone and earbuds. Or set up a FaceTime or Skype call with your earbuds. Treatments are $1 a minute. You decide the length of time.

How Does it Work?  

We first chat on the phone or in a text to set your intention. I intuitively select which singing bowls and instruments to use based on our conversation and any psychic impressions that I receive. It can be different each time and may include tuning forks, chimes, rattles, candles and crystals. Spirit may also guide me to chant during the session.

You get comfy in a chair, bed or on the floor with your earbuds or Bluetooth and call me. I review each sound instrument with you, begin with an affirmative prayer treatment and start to facilitate sacred sound and Karuna Reiki. You relax and close your eyes to receive the harmonious overtones of the sacred sound and gentle healing Reiki energy.

What is it Like?  

Alexandra Ellen Appel in Boise Idaho experienced her first Reiki Sacred Sound treatment on FaceTime a few weeks ago. Here is what she said about her session:

The singing bowls are magnificent. I went into a state of deep and profound relaxation. When the session was over I felt entirely renewed and filled with joy. During the session I was aware of positive and calming surges of energy passing through my chakras and in particular a strong sense of healing and release in those areas which hold deep trauma from past serious injuries.

For more info or to schedule your first treatment, please call 678-827-1973.na 

The universal mind rejects duality. My mission is to empower people to reclaim their self-sovereignty through vibrational sound, mindfulness techniques, Reiki energy, creative play and affirmative intentions. Love, peace, compassion, service and community building  all affirm our oneness. Giving is receiving: we lift up ourselves when we lift up others.  Please subscribe  below to receive articles and updates. Sound Blessings and thank you for  visiting my website!  - GabrielNelson Sears


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Vibrational Sound therapy and Reiki energy for people and the animals they love.


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Individual sessions, group sacred sound meditations, workshops, private events, retreats and personal instruction.


Heart with the word love in it.

"I woke up this morning pain free for the first time in weeks after Gabriel Nelson's sacred sound meditation." - Sherree Bailey, Atlanta, GA

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This e-book contains step by step instructions for one of my favorite "go to" chakra meditations. Please enjoy!

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