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2020 Sound Apprenticeship Program

A Unique Blend of Science, Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, Spirituality and Ancient Healing Arts.


The Sound Apprenticeship Program is a year-long commitment for those with a passion and calling for vibrational sound therapy and facilitating meditation.  Apprentices who complete the Program will have the tools, knowledge and experience needed to start their own sound therapy practice. 

The Apprenticeship Team includes medical professionals, spiritual leaders and talented vibrational sound therapists with a hybrid educational learning system of in-person training and online webinars.

What Others are Saying

It is an honor to call GabrielNelson a mentor. From a gentle reminder of "Watch my words." to "Next time we meet, I want you to have your business cards.", his encouragement has opened a whole new chapter in my life. - Roxane Conticello, Harmony Healing 108

 If your soul is calling to pursue sound healing whether for yourself or to serve others, GabrielNelson Sears is whom you need to seek. - Patti Cosby, Serenity Sound, LLC , former student 

Program Highlights

  · Twelve weekend intensive trainings in Atlanta to learn principles of sound and to practice with Himalayan and Crystal singing bowls. 

· Monthly Webinar.

· Bimonthly online check-ins with GabrielNelson and other apprentices.

· Education and training with tuning forks, chimes, drums, Native American flutes and bells.

· Techniques for protection, grounding, blessing and purification.

· Toning and chanting. 

· Apprentices will be supported in existing and developing gifts or experience such as intuition, Reiki and other healing modalities.

· Facilitation of six sound meditations with GabrielNelson at various Atlanta locations.

· Three months of business training drawing upon GabrielNelson's 29 years of business and marketing experience.

· Final Capstone Project to plan, market and facilitate your own 1 hour sound meditation at a location of your choice.

· Ongoing support and check-ins from Gabriel-Nelson. 

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Apprenticeship Application (pdf)


2020 In-Person Weekend Training Dates

In-person monthly weekend training will be in Atlanta on Saturdays from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (lunch included) and Sundays from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm.


Jan 18 & 19

Feb 15 & 16

Mar 28 & 29

Apr 25 & 26

May 30 & 31

Jun 27 & 28

Jul 25 & 26

Aug 29 & 30

Sep 26 & 27

Oct 24 & 25

Nov 14 & 15

Dec 12 & 13


Pricing - Installment Plans Available - Payment Plans Available

Full Payment, Program Only - $2,000 

Monthly Payment Option, Program Only - $200 

Program with Singing Bowl Packages*

Program PLUS 3 Himalayan Singing Bowls (full payment required for bowls) - $2,325 

Program PLUS 3 Crystal Singing Bowls(full payment required for bowls) - $2,650 

Program PLUS 3 Himalayan Singing Bowls, 3 Crystal Singing bowls and 1 chime (full payment required for bowls) - $3,000 

*Bowl pricing subject to change and availability.

GabrielNelson's classes are well planned with important information and concepts as well as hands-on experiences. He is a gifted, caring, supportive teacher and practitioner. -  Michelle O’Reardon, Atlanta   

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You can download details and the application form below for the Sound Apprenticeship Program. 


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